Y? Advanced Course | 6S Black Belt Taguchi Master Class



As a Martial Art Metaphor: a 6S Black Belt has enough expertise and experience to know the real nature of his opponent and he knows how to use the right knowledge and tools graceful and with prudent effort to canalise energy and realise company goals.

A real metaphor for the competence that Black Belts need to have in the art of continuous improvements in company-teams with tools that can be very innovative.


Dr. Genichi Taguchi‘s Concept is very innovative! Not only because of the introduction of robust design was in World War II. A forerunner of DMAIC! Effective testing (DOE) methods based on orthogonal design combined with the knowledge and experience of a pro-active team makes Taguchi’s Concept also nowadays  an innovative tool for Black Belts!

I@E |  7-step Concept will help you to find the parameter-settings in your system which offer you the most robust Quality Performance; this means consistent operation under different conditions of non-controllable variables.


Taguchi’s Concept is very  useful in the development and engineering phase of your product/process. That is the phase in which parameter-settings and robustness have to be created. With a tool which is very suitable to use in a team because of the non-statistical approach. Team-awareness and team-involvement are guaranteed because of comprehensive test- and analysis- and synthesise- structures.


Learning Offer:

In a 6S Black Belt Masterclass you learn how:

  • to use Taguchi’s 7 steps Concept to create robust products and processes.
  • to determine suitable Company Cases to get better products or processes against lower costs and a shorter TTM
  • to form a pro-active test-team to identify the right paramaters and parameter-settings in the system.
  • to hand over to your team the best (parameter/testnumber-ratio) orthogonal array for your Company Case.
  • to handle interactions between parameters
  • to create sustainable engineering-knowledge. And last but not least: 
  • to coach and lead your team to execute a Company Case to get better physical results and an innovative training modus for the future.


Quotes of other participants:

  • an astonishing “learning by doing workshop” or do I have to say “doing and learning?”
  • a nice combination of getting better results and better proces-knowledge
  • very interesting that there is no need of statistical background to do comprehensive testing
  • it gave me quite another view on life-endurance testing of our products! Amazing!


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