Essence of Taguchi Methods

What are the results of a Taguchi Project? Using I@E 7 step method:

  • Increasing quality.
  • Increasing reliability.
  • Shortening Time to Market.
  • Sustainable Intellectual Property.
  • And….more engineering fun!

What is the essence?
The core of Taguchi’s methods is structured testing or simulation. An outstanding tool for teamwork. Smart optimisation. I.e. 7 parameters at 2 levels need 8 tests in a pair-to-pair comparation. But what about reliability? Very poor!

You can also  perform  128 tests. The you find the optimum. But what about Time to market?

With Taguchi’s orthogonal array you can find a reliable optimum with 8 tests in a short TTM. Using team-creativity in a brainstorm is a pleasant way to use your individual intelligence! Test-structure offers you objective team-result analysis and synthesis of the optimum. Q = FUN!

Taguchi DoE | References
Electronics | Q-Cost optimisation of light-sensor
Medical Mechatronics | improving yield of RH-APNEU-actuator.
Medical | parameter-investigation of reducing of halitose
Food | optimisation of weight frozen-cakes on e-nummer
Food | optimisation of brilliance of chocolate in dragee-proces
Agri | optimisation Quality-Quantity mushroom-production
High Tec Industry | Reducing machine-time 3D Ablation laser proces
High Tec Mechanical Industry | Optimisation of sustainability of end-mill

Taguchi | learn and implement?
You are curious? Optimisation of your complex product or process in an innovative way? Use I@E’s effective training.

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