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I@E is a young one-man company. Established in 2016 by Frans Balemans, but a hiStory of more than 25 years of experience with Taguchi Methods. See LinkedIn to have a glance at the CV of Frans Balemans 

25 years of experience and young… a contradiction?……. let me tell you my story…..1470207-2

In 1989 I worked about ten years at the Engineering Department of Océ, a technology-driven company to make outstanding printers and copiers. We put a real effort in engineering-capacity to make robust products.  Robust for wear-out, tolerance of components and the influence of environment (Temperature, Relative Humidity,  EMC, EMI, Pressure, Vibration and shock Hazards). We used the IEC 68 Testing Procedures, but we were spending a lot of time at one factor at a time testing and ineffective integration. When we change one parameter to get a better result another problem appeared later on. The law of Murphy?

We used this method of engineering because we did not learn at university other ways to make robust systems. Does an industrial-chicken know how a eco-chicken lives? Fortunately there was an open mind for learning. I heard about the merits of Taguchi and I had the opportunity to share a Beginners workshop of 5 days. I was impressed. No I was enthusiastic and impressed. Smart and structured testing gives faster and better results. And the analytic knowledge (I do not call it ‘testresults’) is sustainable! Knowledge does not erode because of changing engineers or managers or productmaterials. You can built further on…. instead of beginning at the start.

Can you imagin the cost-savings on behalf of a shorter engineering-time, better products and sustainable knowledge? I was impressed, enthusiastic and I wanted the Taguchi Concept implemented in the R&D organisation.

How could I convince other engineers and managers? Or, how could I seem not over-enthusiastic (oooo…he has joined a course?!….) It was my maiden trip on the journey of implementing organisation-innovations. It took a lot of time: pilot case, involving management, involving other collegues.

Do small companies innovate in a faster way? I was convinced! In 1989 I got the opportunity to work for a division of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs: the Innovation Centra, later on called: Syntens. As a consultant I made SME’s also aware of this powerfull concept and helped them to implement. One of them is Gerry Wientjens, director/owner of The Dutch Water Company. Learn from this case!

Now, after 25 years of passion for the Taguchi Concept, I work at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce to help innovate entrepreneurs. I am grateful to my employer that I got the opportunity to start my own company. In a time-sharing modus.

I needed one year to make my business model: Power Workshops and additional implementing services based upon an innovating concept for R&D and Taguchi methods: Taguchi’s Concept!

It took a year! Long time? The Freudian dialogue between consultancy-knowing and entrepreneur-doing is very interesting! Ask me!

But “I@E”………”Innovation @ Engineering” was born.