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I@E | Reliability since 1987. Click the flag for Dutch version.

Reliability? Innovation @ Engineering, I@E, wants to increase Competitive Power of European R&D driven Companies. By giving them tools to do it better, smarter or cheaper. Or work with more pleasure.

This website is focussed on a reliability tool: Taguchi Methods. Especially Parameter Design and S/N ratio are powerful tools in Quality Engineering.

I@E; Innovation @ Engineering, wants to share his innovation-knowledge and coaching-experience with you.  By means of effective training you learn to use Taguchi Methods in Quality Engineering. In 4 days you can implement your own case in your company enjoying individual support.

Your company-results are:

• Higher Q and Reliability (> Q) (> S/N ratio)
• Lower product-costs (< C)
• Time saving (< Time to Market) and
• Generating IP (Intellectual Property)

Curious or Interested?

taguchi contact learn apply enjoy

Frans Balemans | frans.balemans@taguchi.eu
I@E | Innovation @ Engineering | Taguchi Specialist since 1987
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