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Case Studies to learn about Taguchi Methods can be used to see what other companies or Research Institutes have done to optimize their products.


There are over 300.000 Taguchi cases. Also recent case studies. About products and processes in Mechanical and Electrotechnical  Industry, Agro, Food, Automotive, Chemical Industry and Marine Sector using Taguchi Methods

When to use Taguchi Methods? There are 7 reasons:

  • If you have to improve a complex product or proces
  • With many parameters in engineering, pilot or pre-production phase
  •  And you want to built a sustainable documentation about engineering decisions
  • together with your team
  • in a very pleasant structured way
  • giving enough space for creativity
  • using Orthogonal testdesigns

 Ask for case studies in your business. 

That is the first step. If you want to learn Taguchi methods – at 7 steps – by laerning by doing? Than you can take the second step: contact Innovation @ Engineering.

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