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This article is the third part of the trilogy  Taguchi Methodieken | Taguchi Methods | Taguchi’s Concept

  1. Who is dr. Genichi Taguchi?
  2. What is Taguchi’s Concept?
  3. When to use Taguchi’s Concept?

So, when to use Taguchi’s Concept? My First answer would be: When your system does not work correctly yet and you are trying and trying and trying by several tests to find a better system to meet specifications. Without satisfying result…… That is the trigger to use a structured test-alternative: I@E’s 7 step Taguchi’s Concept! Less frustration, better results, less stress, more team-building, agile working fun will be your personal benefit. Your company will be grateful  because you are going to look for a better and more structured alternative with respect to Robust Products, Robust Processes, Time-to-market and last but not least Building Sustainable R&D Knowledge. Have a look at the benefits of other users.

Fig. 2 shows a darting-expample: The goal of Development was to get all the darts on the dartboard; They managed! The goal of Engineering is to reach 180! In Part 2  “What is I@E’s Taguchi’s Concept” you can read how that can be done in a structured way.





Where to use Taguchi’s Concept? Fig. 8 (click to enlarge picture)  shows you the proces of R&D in a schematic way and you can distinguish 4 phases:

  1. checking the feasibility of the product/proces,
  2. develop the principle technology,
  3. engineering of technology and
  4. preproduction.

In the 5th phase (not included in this Figure,  because it is a R&D schematic)  the product will be regular produced and the market and competition will deliver new requirements for the new generation of products. So a circular model would describe best the proces, but for distinctness I will use a the linear model.



taguchi relation between time and costs and definition of freedomFig. 8 contains  also 2 different graphs related to the R&D proces:

  • R&D cost
  • The freedom of definition of (the Parameters of) the System

At the start of the R&D proces costs are relatively low, while the degree of freedom to choose a System (Custumor Suffisticating Product, Proces or Concept) is high. At the end of the pre-production proces the expend of money is relatively high and the freedom to change the concept is relatively low. In other terms: while time passes the costs of changes will increase.



taguchi application of structured R&D toolingIt was dr. G. Taguchi’s radical insight that the choice-proces of parameters in Development and engineering can be improved in an extreme way!

So, when to use Taguchi’s Parameter Design? In phase 3 and 4!  But when to use Taguchi’s Parameter Design best? As early as possible in Development! When you have a System you want to invest in because you have a great believe in it and you want to optimize that System!

But what to do if you do not believe anymore in your System? You do not want to make any effort anymore to optimize? Than have a look at Triz. Also a structured tool to find other Systems that can satisfy your custumor needs.



Usuable in preproduction phase? Yes. There are a lot of cases describing Production Processes. But remember the brown line in  Fig. 8. How earlier you start the lower the costs of modifications.

Usuable in New business development? Yes! If you are interested in a real case where Parameterdesign leaded to another Business Model have a look at the Wientjens-case. (in dutch).

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