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This article is Part 1. of the trilogy of the menu-tab: Taguchi Methodieken | Taguchi Methods | Taguchi’s Concept:

Part 1: Who is dr. Genichi Taguchi?
Part 2: What is Taguchi’s Concept?
Part 3: When to use Taguchi’s Concept?

So, who was dr. Genichi Taguchi? Dr. Genichi TaguchiThis page is an abstract of dr. Genichi Taguchi‘s life by  mr. Madhav Phadke.

Dr. Genichi Taguchi died in Tokyo on June 2, 2012 at the age of 88. He had risen from humble beginnings to become one of the most influential people in Quality Engineering.

Taguchi has been recognized through numerous awards and honors. He is a winner of the prestigious and highly coveted Deming Prize in Japan for contributions to the field of Quality Engineering.

Taguchi’s Quality Engineering methods focus on economically reducing product and process performance variation. They improve engineering productivity and deliver products at significantly low cost while providing consistently high performance under diverse operating conditions. His humble wish was to improve global productivity, leading to prosperity and peace.

When I met Taguchi’s Concept in 1987 I was highly astonished about the simplicity and additivity for engineers in reaching ‘reliability in products or proces’- engineering. When I met him in person I was astonished about his humility. A man who made a world-wide innovative transition in engineering- reliability methods:

  • no statistic background or statistic support needed; engineering knowledge based upon testing.
  • more space for creativity because of the structured way of testing
  • much much better transparent documentation and communication about engineering-decisions. And sustainable in use.