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Why Taguchi | DoE | Design of Experiments?

Within R&D or Engineering we do tests to verify the specs and tests to improve reliability. In Western Europe, however, we have not learned to test in a structured way if we want to optimize a complex product or process in the direction of reliability. We therefore do not apply it.

What do we do? We test ad hoc, only change one factor at a time. We are afraid that we would otherwise lose the overview. Often the preparation of the test and the analysis of the results depend on the knowledge and experience level of one person. Moreover, we have no measure to measure the reliability of our product or process to be developed.

Recognizable? But what is the consequence of our current method of improving reliability?

The ultimate consequence of this subjective sequential ad-hoc testing is a long TTM (Time to Market) and with it the loss of market share and competitive advantage.



Why? My personal drive

Allow me to tell you something about my personal background. My name is Frans Balemans. On Linkedin you will find an overview about my professional background. In the history of I@E you will find why I started my own company.

Driven by my talents (affirmating the Gallup Strenght test) “intellectuality” and “creativity”) I wanted to dissiminate my knowledge about Taguchi Methods to R&D driven Companies. European OEM-s. To help them achieve the Lissabon Treatments of R&D.

To give an impuls to smarter and faster engineering-processes! But also to introduce more effectivity, efficiency, creativity and pleasure at Engineering! In my opinion the USP’s of Taguchi Methods in a guided optimization proces.

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